Serpent Ride Testo

Testo Serpent Ride

Upon the wings of the dream She rides Oh, she comes to me Fills me with light It was the dark side of the moon We climb She sends me a tune away through the silverest star lights I don?t want to wake up this time I?m alive on this serpent ride In the grace of our love We writhe in pain Further into this all night fog Mezmerized The crop of her love tastes like wine I answer her call with a rime That is not dead which can eternal lie Yet with strange aeons death may die In your eyes lies the world where I don?t wanna go Said you changed but I don?t believe in miracles Since you conquered my heart, will never been apart One day we?ll close our eyes, open them again And discover each other So open up my eyes She greets me with a smile From her lips closed by

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