Autumn Note Testo

Testo Autumn Note

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Dear Ron and Hermione,
I'm in a bind, you see
I will be late to the table tonight
I'm just a bit busy
But please don't worry about me
All the trees look so high from here
Speckled red yellow brown I fear
I will run a bit late to the table tonight

These flame tipped leaves are all racing in this Autumn's breeze
They don't stop or throw glances at me in their trip through the trees
Past the portrait I see the fire is crackling pleasantly
And look, there's a letter for me, as Hedwig sleeps silently

Run to Great Hall and save a seat for me
Padfoot's alone so I'll send him this song to keep company
Run to Great Hall and save a seat for me
If you run into Malfoy, just please, please jinx him for me
Ron, save me a pasty
The one with blueberries,
Signed Harry
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