Portraits Testo

Testo Portraits

I was climbing stairs
When I ran into you
So let us walk as one
Just us two
We'll walk away the day
No place to end up
Find portraits on display
And greet them on their way
I wish for this the most
To one day be the same
Lost in eternal spring
Within one of these frames
I'd sleep beneath that tree
The one by the lakeside
As sun came sifting down
To illuminate you at my side
The perfect picture, am I right?
You will become part of me
Like leaf to twig and branch to tree tonight
I walk here on my own
Whenever I need time
To hide away alone
Here's a secret:
The halls, they are alive
As life goes on inside
So many worlds collide
In Blues and Reds...
The perfect picture, am I right?
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