The Lonely Half-Giant Testo

Testo The Lonely Half-Giant

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Holds his lantern tight
Branches bend, but he won't care to break them
With his home in sight
Takes a knee as his friend runs to greet him
What a thing love is
To never be lonely as the only one big as you are
And I cherish this
And, oh, how I miss

Morning post
Those notes you wrote
Scribbled out so hastily
“Do you have room
This afternoon
To share a cup of tea
And if you're hungry
Don't you fret
The rock cakes
Aren't all eaten yet”

Stormy times tonight
Raindrops wash over candlelit windows
Things just don't feel right
I'm missing the talks in your hut eaved in autumn
But is this just who we are
Lonely friends to the same sad star
We're blinking like fireflies sharing our time in the sky
And I charish this
And, oh, how I miss

Our walks upon
The forest floor
Always looking out for me
What would you say to Saturday
And a steaming cup of tea
And if you're hungry don't you fret
They haven't closed the kitchens yet
And don't you even dream of being late...

He puts the letter down
Takes his jacket off
And puts the kettle on
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