Winter Burrow/One Glowing Window Testo

Testo Winter Burrow/One Glowing Window

I'm holding hands with Wintertime
Through the window glass
I feel the frost and trace the lines
Of the owls that pass
Scared as I was, I would never
Think to leave you here
Voices drifting from behind
Pull me down the stairs
Because I know I'll always find
My family waiting there
The Burrow is a battleground
On every day it snows
And with both the Weasley twins around
You're always changing clothes
I will never know the cold again
Nor hunger will I feel
Because I'll carry all these memories
Safe against me like a shield
They've got so much love to give
That I can scarce contain it all
But I'll wear it as a blanket
When the snow begins to fall
How I wish that I could bottle all
The memories we've had
I would keep them locked away
Inside the trunk beneath my bed
And if ever you were feeling down
This world too much to bear
I would open up this bottle here
And with you together we'd share
Your backyard
With a billion stars
And us at large
In your Dad's car
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