Glorious Testo

Testo Glorious

Fabio Rovazzi: arriva l’accusa di plagio
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Take your sharpe sharp scissors-hands
And cut me some slack
And i'll spin you in wool
And pull it over your eyes
Because i'm charming

Take a long long look at me
And give me light
Cos the flame has expired
It tired of many flaws
And went up in smoke

I can make you feel better
I can make you feel much better than
I can make you feel better than this this this this

Make me feel glorious
Once more
And i won't let you down

Make me feel glorious
Once more
Time will only tell

Take that sharp sharp tongue of yours
And cut me in two
I'll attack from both sides
And Hyde under your skin
Because i need you

Don't make me cry it's bad enough
I made it hell or all of us
What's it like being glorious

Can i please be glorious
Like you
Time will only tell
  • Guarda il video di "Glorious"
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