Destroyers Testo

Testo Destroyers

Infernal detachments are deploying
armed to the teeth
their target is the untrue faith

the destroyers will not leave a stone untouched
Like an implacable fire they will harras the earth
the heretics take positions to attack and attack
impaled and carbonized christians fall in the field

in the frozen hearts
of unmerciful soldiers
burn to hell of evil

te wild rage spreed unseen destruction
our privilege is to fight for satan
dark demonic powers awak inside us
we are the army of hell, the terrorific horde

Devil's militia arson all churches
heaps of black cinder....
devil's militia arson all churches
heaps of black cinder all around

Confront my damned faith
grant me the majesty of abyss
through the world i destroy
is my anthem of rebelion

Destroyers, will bring storms of violence
destroyers, will exterminatethe followers of christ
destroyers, will spread unbuned destruction
destroyers, will battle to bloody end+
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