I'll Find You Testo

Testo I'll Find You

What could have happened to
take what's become of this
choices that he had made
moulds to most of it
but to hide in the shade
will keep the weather out
and to crawl into
the hole that hides you now

he's hidden it all just to cover his tracks
sutured what could be described as a fact
taking the trail that leads will find you,find you

back to the start of it
before it will be changed
if it's a little wierd
well then dig in a bit
it's more than the sum
of all the separate parts
to fool the thoughts i had
that you will take to heart
failsafe always tends to try
make way while you watch and wait
for those who take it on themselves
i'll find you
find you
find you
and i'll find you
yes i'll find you
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