Doin' My Thang Testo

Testo Doin' My Thang

Ay ay ay ay ay

hurricane and they hay hay hay hatin

g0 live intertainment
yea yea ay was up and they hay hay hay hatin ay ay ay ay this h0w im r0ckin ya heard meh

l00k at meh i g0t tha pants 2 match my shirt in tha club watch i d0 tha big merk im 0ff tha chain and i am d0in my thang 7x and watch me d0 tha rick james

[verse 1]
i g0t the pants 2 match my shirt fall up in tha club and watch me d0 tha big merk tell y0 baby mama 2 st0p callin my bl0win up my ph0ne when u aint h0me lay y0 bed lay y0 ph0ne pocket full 0f green black lac wit tha lapt0p screen yea i g0t it in my ride had 2 g0 2 china jus get tha rite kind i hit tha drink leanin 2 tha left side then i hit tha bank jus 2 get 2 check signed i hit tha drink leanin 2 left side then i hit tha bank jus 2 get tha check signed


pants that i g0t fr0m pakistan so exspensive that they see me in tha club there g0 hurricane everybody wanna see me d0 tha rick james so i d0 tha rick james h0ld up my chain pe0ple st0ppin jus 2 see watch me d0 my thing b0ppers b0ppin but they kn0 i aint lame i g0t game plus i been makein change i bang popin at yo brain flamible like pr0pain 2x its g0in dwn s0 pass me sum water hit my drink and she put ha m0uth on my b0ttle


look at the pants that i hit for 650 but i aint trippin th0e up in my gl0us and i bet you g0ne see exspensive th0e fr0m chicag0 i kill em with tha wind0w 0n my feel but tha stain as ah y00h hataz im shinin in my diabl0 match tha pants and im real clean s0 drive sl0w she said she like tha way hurricane dress i said y00h putin rinkles in my shirt get 0ff my chest 0n my sh0es and i g0 bat bat bat bat back 0ff in tha club and i be d0pe boi dope boi fresh take a look at my fist and i bet yooh g0ne give me my respect 2x

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