Roses And Razorblades Testo

Testo Roses And Razorblades

I'm a simple man all I want is lifes gold
But I never wanna leave, not until my life's told
Through a pen and a pad I write ministries
Frustration with these suicidal tendencies
I can't blink cause if I do it might pass by
Just leaving me, once again I only ask why?
I'm waking up in the morning just to fight work
Trying to figure out where I fit in this tight world
I'm living proof you can hustle for your life's gold
Struggle with the muscle of a knife in your minds soul
I never thought I could express what the real was
Till I understood what the phrase 'keep it real' was
Does it mean loyalty or does it mean hate?
Cause most of y'all do the latter just to instigate
I don't really care cause I be own man 'til the night's out
Fighting in the blind till the lights out
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