Woodpecker Testo

Testo Woodpecker

Verse 1
1 for the money 2 for the ho ho's
3 for my homies in them lo lo's
4 for the shots at the po po's
5 for my bitches out there getting' dough though
I walk up in the club what you say boy
Maybach Benz valeted I'm a playboy
Shake them haters like a play toy
Detroit playas in them gators all day boy
Out for that Pillsbury dough boy
Go for them throats like Siegfried & Roy
Got more tools than Home Depot
We ain't afraid to use 'em homie be cool
Red beam on your chest can you see that
Put terror in ya squad better lean back
Work it out good with your crook neck
Now let me see your head do the woodpeck

Are you a woodpecker?
Who's a woodpecker?
I want a woodpecker
I need a woodpecker

Verse 2
Hey yo do that shit do that shit do it
Shoot that shit shoot that shit shoot it
Tyler Durden in this game don't fight me
Fresh pair black jeans and a white tee
Dj's put it on when we come through
See us in the VIP what you gon' do
Put your glass up toast a real baller
Your girl hits me I don't have to call her
Takes it all in like a deep throat
Warm and all fuzzy like a sheep coat
My name tattooed on her waistline
Taste fine like a track with a bassline
Honey bees buzzin' like a beehive
You're 'bout to get stung in your behind
About to blast off with a headshot
And this track makes everybody's head knock


Do that shit do that shit do it x 4

Verse 3
Hang out with a star I'm far out
Drinks on me I bought the bar out
Lamborghini whip pull them cars out
H2, Phantom, money green Jaguar's out
Baby in the fur's all cute & shy
See won't ever see Hush in a suit & tie
Act all sweet I'll maybe let ya
See me all naked in my baby pictures
1st you gotta show me where your milks at
And break me off a piece like a Kit Kat
Hush in ya mouth cut the chit chat
Put a pillow in ya back let me hit that
Desperate for the dick like a housewife
Pussy's love sick it meow's nice
Work it out good with your crook neck
Now let me see your head do the woodpeck


How much wood could a wood peck peck
If a wood peck could peck wood?
Are you a woodpecker? (Peck wood)
If you're a woodpecker (Peck wood)
How much would could a wood peck?
Hey yo, work it out good with your crook neck
Are you a woodpecker? (Peck wood)
If you?re a woodpecker (Peck wood)
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