Great Tazte - Lezz Fillaz Testo

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Testo Great Tazte - Lezz Fillaz

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[sound of man performing cunnilingus]

[Verse 1]
My pussy's oh so hot, and I'm so energetic
I'm laying with my legs spread, I'm waiting for you to wet it
Quick is how I want it, when you suck my thong
It's like a sip of Miller's, Great Tazte but Lezz Fillaz
The flavor, got a nigga fiending
Licking up and down, about to drown, and you've got a hoe screaming
So don't try to front like you don't like to drink
Open up the lips so you can lick the pearly pink
I count down the seconds to the hour
How do you tell a bitch from a hoe, a hoe is sweet, never sour
If you're slightly shy, don't be nervous, it's OK to slurp
I'm a pat you you on your back and make you burp
Get your grub on, don't worry about the aftertaste
You've heard of Puss 'N Boots, well this is pussy in your face
And for dessert, I'll serve my ass on a plate
And you can smile from cheek to cheek, now don't it taste great

[sound of man performing cunnilingus]

[Verse 2]
Pool play's not needed 'cause I've been wet
So play like Monie in the middle and get your chin wet
And when I'm creaming down your throat, you can gargle like it's Scope
So that I know a tongue fuck is in effect
So let's get down to the nitty gritty, oops I meant to say the pink and pretty
But better yet still the brown and shitty
'Cause there won't be a pause for you to drop your drawers
If you don't go down and do puss any
Suck it up, lick it up, and baste it
It cost your ass so great, you don't want to waste it
And you said you don't eat pussy, sucker
But if you ask me you 'bout a lying motherfucker
'Cause your tongue is like a sponge, and it's sucking up my cum
I guess a nigga must have really wanted some
So pop that pussy on a pillow, and you can eat it all day
'Cause it Great Tazte with Lezz Fillaz

[sound of man performing cunnilingus]

[Verse 3]
Now here's a trick to make the flavor last
Add a spread of honey butter or a sprinkle of Mrs Dash
So mister mister mister masterbator
I guess you better fill it up now, 'cause daddy's filling up later
Aw, you know he's got the big lips
You be smiling cheek to cheek, and he'll be smiling hip to hip
And he's kind of like Greg Louganis
'Cause he's real quick to dive tongue first into my anus
Matter of fact, come to think about it, get your ass on
I''m 'bout to get your daddy on the phone
And I don't even have to leave to
See him face to face, just put the pussy up to the receiver
'Cause he knows how to reach out and touch me
Goddam, I think he needs to work for GTE
As an operator, 'cause he knows how to operate
When he sucks my pussy, the flavor tastes great

[sound of man performing cunnilingus]
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