Scream As Loud As You Want, No One's Going To Hear You Testo

Testo Scream As Loud As You Want, No One's Going To Hear You

Ed Sheeran presenterà gli MTV EMA 2015 a Milano
(Say my name)
(say my name)
I know its running through your veins
And I swore I'd feel the same
(Please lets not )
(Lets not repeat)
Oh it took so long.
But I'm finally on my feet
(I don't need your sorrow)
There's enough on my mind.
(I'm sure there
will be better days)
And I know you'll struggle now
But I know you'll pull through.

(You cant turn back the time)
one night
(You cant take back what you've done)
is all it took
(You cant turn back the time)
one try
And your giving in.
your giving in

How can you plead, when what you thought was true love stabs you in your back.

(Scream louder now)
no ones going to hear you.
(You made your choice)
and now its going to haunt you.
You've lost all your pride, all your respect from everyone.
(Forget all my broken promises)
and scream loud its just hopeless

(When summer came
when summer came)
Your grace fell down on me.
now your drowning in shame
(Don't let me
let me down again)
Put this behind us
(put this behind us)
I'm moving on from then
put us behind
(put us behind)
maybe we should just be a memory
History is history
And time has much in store