Machine Vision Testo

Testo Machine Vision

Longing for visions, divisions to corrode
Spiritual efficiency to assume control
Songs of confession, repression to the bone
A synchronizing light pulse, a hypnotizing tone

Reduce the noise
Fix and destroy

Drowning in the unseen
Scream a selfish warning
By whose grace are you saved?
In the slow degrade
In moral bankruptcy
By whose mercy are you freed?
Hollow chants of the unseen
Wont wipe dirty mouths clean

Steel assembly line, define the others fate
Blind the believers, a blend of church and state
Who calls upon you, claim they shall be saved
We will all love you conform, submit, behave

A black and white
Project your light

A nuance detected, burnt hallow overthrown
Myth of light projected, cant erase your own shadow
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