Ultravioletfly Testo

Testo Ultravioletfly

I sense the night bending towards me
The rhythm is slowed but deep
Blackened tips of desire
Cannot keep out of my reach
Orchid covered deadwood breeze
Wakes the sickness from the leaves
I laid back and counted stars
Didnt stop my violent seed

Intoxication pollen
Begins to swim around me
The bitter taste of temptation
Evokes a slow sweet ecstasy
The guilt of self-destruction
Beads up and rolls off of me
And sinks into the earth and
Takes with it my purity

From breaking free

Swallowed down resistance growing from the innate drive to rise
Rise like a street steam night spy mixing with the sky


Ghost whispers burning my ears
Im wrapped in words like wire
Appearing to disappear
Like a small dying fire
My hands shake the sting escapes
Heated hearts must expire
And slowly regenerate
The lust for this peace wont tire

Im breaking free

Descending from thunder
Fixed in your eyes in mine
Now let go eternal wanting
And I run into your mind
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