Space Odyssey Testo

Testo Space Odyssey

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
Feel like I'm in outer space Floating over myself Tried so hard, I can't get back Houston, we have
problem, now Cause I feel alone everywhere Even when there are a 100.000 people there Hope to fall
Back on earth Could someone tell me where I'm at cause I don't know All that I need is some time to
sort things out Please don't push me out of bounds I know that I am different now (I haven't been
at my best) I thought you'd understand (I thought you'd understand) Give me time and I'll be o.k.
Just don't forget me and walk away Someone hear my call I'm about to fall I'd like to think that
someone can hear me I just can't grasp why I'm here What I'm saying So full of shit Just don't
know What to.......Cause I feel alone everywhere Even when there are a 100.000 people there But in
time I'll be alright I'll be back on earth, just like I was If you give me time
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