I can?t accept that you feel safer when you?re not here with me I think that you?re such a fucked up bitch No one has told me about the tricks you pull when you?re alone But I know you never were alone And I never thought I?d say this to you now Oh I feel so broken down Cause you never were around And there?s no way that I?m gonna wait for you You?re so hard to be around Cause you always put me down And did you really think I would.....yeah Sometimes I wonder why I?m here, your listening, finger in your ears Sometimes I?m glad you?re not around Told me I was the only one, but so was he, ain?t that strange I know I?m way out of your league But I never thought I?d say this to you now....... Expect me to do for you What you?d never do for me Can?t stand myself for caring I?m treated like the air you breathe Well change your mind! I cheat myself by letting you cheat me

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