Abduction Testo

Testo Abduction

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
A sea of eyes beneath me.
They're watching me as I increase in altitude.
Though my future is tainted, what a beautiful view.
Scared to death, on the edge of distress.
My blood is pumping, heart is racing as I enter the nest.
Well I bid you all farewell, and I hope that you'll remember my face.
I'm leaving this world I know behind.
Goodbye to all the filth that is mankind.
It won't be long until your punishment has dawned
And everything you've ever known is gone.
Nothing left for me to love, and it buries me.
Oh please heaven help me.
The earth has left me.
I've arrived in side my tomb.
This must be a sign of my imminent doom.
There are figures surrounding me, haunting me.
They're inside my head.
This is the passion yet I never claimed to be a king
So let me down and cut this string.
This is the walk with a cross.
A crown of thorns on my head.
So swing the hammer, watch the nails embed.
I'll pay the price for all of you to live a little more free,
But I'm the only one who doesn't need a cleansing.
Praise me, for I am washing away your sins.
This is my body that's been given for you.
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