Millionaire's Club Testo

Testo Millionaire's Club

This is a millionaires club but we don't play for money.(We Play For Keeps!)
We are the ever so deserving ones that lost it all and stole it right back.
We get pleasure out of watching you crawl
and we are damn proud that we took your backbones.
They're hung on our wall for display. So don't forget it.
Cheers to every broad who lost their dignity.
We raise our glasses and toast to you.
Some call us thieves but we prefer to be called gods.
But whatever we are, whatever we are, we're damn good at it.
We are world renown for what we do.
And you, you're nothing more then a trophy mounted high upon our wall of fame.
Hung up there for all to gaze at. This is something we like to call payback.
We lure them in with our good looks and we pull them in with our catchy hooks.
Our intoxicated smirks are proof enough that ignorance is bliss.
We are untouchable
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