The Place You Love Is Gone Testo

Testo The Place You Love Is Gone

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
The place you love is gone
And I doubt very much if it's
Coming back from the room it's been hiding in
Could you go through that all again?
That room could be anywhere.
The place you love is gone
You don't have that place to run
'Cause it is gone.

I sighed in the rain that day
Waiting for my ghost to carry away
The boxes of memories.
No one should have memories like these.
They'll kill you in your sleep.

The place I love gone
I don't have that place to run
'Cause it's fucking gone.

I was born in the wake
I see it every single day
But is it working?
Is it rubbing off on me?
I can hardly wait
To get away from the pain
Am I strong enough?
Is it heavy enough?
Can I carry this weight?

Definitely gone.
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