My Love Affair With Disaster Testo

Testo My Love Affair With Disaster

No longer a zombie, I sat up and walked. Walked out the door.
Freed myself from burdens, I jumped up and ran. Ran out the door.

I can't live that way anymore, depressed by what I love.
I can't live that way anymore, loving what makes me depressed.
A never ending disaster, a love affair with evil symphony.

My passion is mine. Where I walk it walks with me.
My passion is mine. Always burning in me, you can't fade me out.

Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull me down.
Back underneath, back underneath.
Back under deep, dark ground again.
Pull me down, so I can't see.
So I can't think, so I can't be myself again.

I'll get out, I'll find relief.
So I so you, so we can fuck me up again.
No one's fault. Incomplete.
Not denial. I just see. What's in front of me?
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