To Deface Grace Testo

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Testo To Deface Grace

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Flesh against flesh.
Destroyer of beauty, so alluring, eternally devastating.
A sick perversion of intimacy.
So deeply rooted into my heart, Lord free me from this. Help me stay focused.
On my own strength alone, this battle can't be won.
This immorality is accepted (embraced), increasing my struggle (ten fold).
Sometimes I feel so alone in this.
Show me the face of your forgiveness.
Grant me the will of the fight so that I may stand my ground.
Help me overcome this.
Where does my heart truly lay, oh God?
Heal me. Mold me.
Reconcile my troubled conscience.
This is the cry of my heart to worship you alone.
Yet here I am adorning my flesh.
Giving glory to the act rather than its intended meaning.
I am so tired, so worn.
Will I ever be free from this?
I'll put my faith in your redemption from this prison I've willingly locked myself within.
Break these chains. Release me. Where can I rest my head? All strength feels lost.
Your design is so flawless.
Your only intention is to save us from heartbreak.
Why do I fight to keep my head underwater?
Lord, I now understand.
Please make this knowledge livable.
This is my prayer: make me who you want me to be.
Make in me a new creation.
To live like you is my goal.
Now fill my heart while I climb out of this hole.
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