Misery Testo

Testo Misery

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Remember when goodnight meant rest?
Now I lay awake most every night
Our hope and stress,
lay tears through them,
It puts us to bed at separate times

So when we're flat broke
and done pretending
life is going to change with the pressure building
I hope that day
You will say
baby our love is worth the misery


I'm full with mad desire,
Struck gold and let it ride,
Oh no wager fix the lie,
So it's a quarter after midnight,
And I've been driving through a desert for sometime,
And all i want is you just laying next to me,
And our empty legacy

[Chorus x2]

comfort is closing your eyes
And I'm waiting on disaster
always and most of the time

[Chorus x2]
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