Sleep Means Sleeping Testo

Testo Sleep Means Sleeping

(Wake up
You know, you are
Wake up
Hang on)

Just pour
Some concrete in my bones
So I can feel whole again

And people in this town
Talk with their tongues hanging out
So they could tell us how to be just like them

And do you know why
I can't sleep at night
When it's raining down your face

So I wake up
And I fall down
'Cause I can't live a life without you by my side

And do you know why I'm here?
Can you feel my fears?
Do you know I will say what you always wanted?

Yeah you know why I'm here
You can feel my fears
Oh you know I would say what you always wanted

It's you that helps me sleep at night
It's you that helps me sleep at night
Night, at night...

If lightning strikes this place again,
I'll forget what I would say to you
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