Songburst & Delerium Testo

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Testo Songburst & Delerium

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Wide awake in the candlelight Stoned straight, crashing Ocean wave patterns and sunset In their prime Shoulder demons tell me How to lie when it matters And you better hope That you see it coming Painted grey and blurry I am waiting for the sock to drop Yes I can fake it, hide, run away When there's nothing left to know...nothing Lonely like a living room Hallway noises and interviews Squeeze the globe in between Your legs and hope God knows When to show his face when it matters And you better hope That you're feeling something Pained by the worry I am stained by the learning Of what I can't feel, see, think, undo I'm going to Mexico where there's Nothing but thes un...nothing The four walls entertaining Me are symbols of my contentment Of mental and legal poverty Nine out of ten can't be wrong I have never learned The secret of velocity As I expand I feel small I have nothing left That I can draw from I have nothing left... nothing

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