Bleak, Blacked, & Fake Testo

Testo Bleak, Blacked, & Fake

I sit and wait,
as depression flows through my veins.
Into the black I dive, in solitude is
where I'll live and die.
all i have in life is pain, tragedy & misery,
what happened to the positivity, the lofe,
the respect the opportunity.
I'm wasting. I'm running out of time?
You think I'm losing my mind?
Well this society, is fucking blind.
I'm wasting. This is as far as I'll go.
This is as far. This is as far, as I'll go.
In the light i find my head,
I find my place with the walking dead.
I fake a smile and move ahead,
a life not worth living I'm already dead.
In the black i question why,
I see the world with vengeful eyes.
With utter hate and pure disgust,
I can't live this life I've had enough.
I can't live in this world,
I have too much hate that I can't hold back.
This is as far as I'll go
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