Car Alarm Symphony Testo

Testo Car Alarm Symphony

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Everything was picture perfect
Riding high but staying low
Stick around...
For the show

Dreams scripted to those who care
This is a constant pattern
Keep quite for a week or two
Now I'm running in circles
Holding on to something you do
This just might give you the cue

Everything was picture perfect
Held still for a very long time
For the man to draw his perfectly straight lines
Now there's something wrong about this scene
I see you but I don't see me.
Everything thing was picture perfect [x2]

Something has to happen
It's happening fast
Maybe she'll see what's
Right in front
Holding on to something you do
This just might give you the cue

Diamonds forever, we can't, go back


Everything is picture perfect
(You said diamonds were forever baby)
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