Elettra's Dream Testo

Testo Elettra's Dream

The night in my boudoir is dense,
A dream is rising from incense vapours:
A mirage of you.
Nothing can alleviate these thoughts of you,
The usual caress of laudanum is ineffective.
Just tell me why:
You taste of blood and lead, you penetrate my world
Just as that pure blade of Archangel Michael,
But behind you, there's a more ancient God who's calling...
With your uniform on, my Soldier
You seem to me a king adorned with gold and fire
It's not because of that uniform that I noticed you:
It's the Man inside, who makes me succumb...

Oh forgive my impudence, Madame
But I couldn't stand it anymore,
I know I could even die for you
Yes, but it's better than at the battlefront!
Oh open to me your opium den, that ambrosia which makes my blood run faster
'Cause in two days I'll be back to that hell
Or I'm convicted of deserting.

Touch the Madness now - it's generous.
Tonight there's no need to ask.
It's a black symphony, but so precious
It can even treat your Abyss, you'll see...
Mais vous êtes si loin, vous êtes si loin*

Oh just win and conquer me, my handsome Officer
Tonight is our last chance.
You'll have something to remember over there,
Amongst the cannon's thunder.
Oh hold me tight, my Major
Take me again, stronger
It's nothing, but surely
I know I'm embracing the Death...
Mais vous êtes si loin, vous êtes si loin*

* french for « you are so far away, so far away... »
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