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Testo Bitches 2

I once knew this brotherWho I thought was cool with meChilled out togetherEven went to school with meFly nigga, my ace boon coonUsed to low ride togetherShot dice in the bathroomYa want trouble?Well trouble ya foundCause we diss ya, then issueThe critical beat downHe needed moneyI would always come throughNeeded a car? He could use mine tooBut bust this!Out on the streetPeople say he was riffin'Callin' me a suckerTalkin' bout how foul I'm livin'Someone heard himPoppin' that shit last weekFrontin' for some pussy>From some big butt freakSayin' I'm his workerI was on his dick!Talkin' that craazy old weak assed shitand after all of thatShe still walked awayHow ya gonna diss your boyTo get some play?And when I stepped to him about itHe said, "Who snitched?"CHORUSYo, how did he go out?He went out like a bitch!So ladiesWe ain't just talkin' bout youCause some of you niggasIs bitches too!I knew this brother named MitchStone playerHe meet a girl, in five min. he lay herTrucked crazy jewelsHands smothered in iceBeen to prison not once, but twiceKept a stupid thick posseMade of thugs andCrooks and hoodsand vet hustlersWho were up to no goodBut they all stood behind himand watched his backThat's the only wayTo roll on the trackBut yo,Mitch got rushed by feds last weekThe snatchbared the runkOf his white CornicheTook a look insideAnd what did they see?Two keys, and a gallon of PCP!Oh shit! The thought crashedMitch's subliminalThree strikes, that's calledHabitual criminalSo insted of goin' underHe snitched on his whole posseMaxed at the cribAnd sipped Martini and RossiSold out his whole crewThat rat named MitchCHORUSI knew this guyThat was never that flyCouldn't act coolEven when he triedWhen we played roughHe always criedWhen he told stories, he always liedA Black brotherWho was missin' the cool partHe had the colorBut was missin' the true heartWhen we would fightHe would always go down quickSo he took karateand he still got his ass kickedBut now he's marriedAnd he kicks his wife's assSays it comes from problemsThat he had in the pastDoesn't like BlacksClaims he's upper classJoined the police, got himself a badgeNow he rolls the streetsand he's cut to jackDoggin' young brothersCause they usually don't fight backGot a Whitep artnerAnd he asked for thatand every nightAnother head they crackSo now he's big manBut he really ain't shit!CHORUSOut one night with my crewand some new kidI didn'T know homeboy, but Evil E didSo I thought he was coolWe rode in his rideRag top tray on DaytonsLifted side to sideWe hit the party deepNiggas was hawkin' meYou could feel the vibeOf thick artilleryParliament was on, some O.G. shitI put my back to the wallAnd felt my pistol gripal of a suddenNiggas started trippin'Flippin', the record started skippin'Wildin', fools started locn upGats crackedThe room started smokin' upMe and "E" hit the floorAnd then the back doorMy boys let off an automatic encoreBut when we made it out to the rideIt was gone, we had to shoot it outSide by sidePunk left us there to die in a ditch!CHORUS

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