Intro - Rhyme Pays Testo

Testo Intro - Rhyme Pays

A child was born in the East one dayMoved to the West coast after his parents passed awayNever understood his fascination with rhymes or beatsIn poetry he was considered eliteBecame a young gangster in the streets of L.A.Lost connections with his true roots far awayBut no matter the job or crimeHe never lost his hardcore obsession to rhymeNew York's hip hop movement broke looseDJ's cut records, raps had the juiceSince busting rhymes was his natural thingHe was crowned the west coast MC kingBut after his inauguration there was a rushOf wack rappers with one intention to crushThis master rapper and take his throneA simple job,he had no crew, he stood all aloneAsssasins came in groups of one through fiveWith raps no mortal MC could surviveBut he showed no mercy, he rapped blood thirstyBattling from Friday on through to ThursdayNever losin a bout, never ending in doubtEvery confrontation K.O. knock outOn his never ending journey to the T.O.P.The L.A. player M.C. ICE-T

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