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Testo Rhyme Pays

[Verse One]Magnificent rhymer, I'm the ill beat designerIf they ask you if I'm def, don't front and say kindaMerciless, meticulous, so fresh it's ridiculousI'm raised in the heart of Los A-N-G-E-L-E-SKing word connector, the vocal projectorYour girl tried to jock me, I had to reject herAlways adventurous voice some say is sensuousNow, I'm on the mic so I think I better mention thisI don't like Gucci, Fila, Louie or FendiThose are fads and I ain't trendyBut whether your name's Lucy, Terry, Laura or CindyIce got beef and this ain't Wendy'sBust a move while I'm talkin'Sucker rappers I be stalkin'When they see me on the street with my homeboy walkin'They slow down, turn around and ask was that Ice?Then they see me cold countin' my cashRhyme pays!![Verse Two]Moves must be busted, girls can't be trustedI looked at your lady and I was disgustedCame into the party just to rock the placeAnd your big zombie lookin' freak still won't get out of my faceI don't mean to diss her, but do you kiss her?Look at her lips, she got them crazy blistersBody that smells like the New York metsArm pits all nappy packed full of sweatI hope this something that you never forgetTie that freak outside next time you come in the setBecause my jams be crazy, packed with all fly ladiesI'm talkin' def girlies and I don't mean maybeThe way I rhyme no one will ever slay meAnd I ain't lyin' rhyme do pay me !Rhyme pays!![Verse Three]I'm notorious, I'm infamous, like a snake I'm venomousFor those who may diss I think you should consider thisI can make a rhyme complicated as a puzzleDangerous and as violent as a pit bull in a muzzleBut this record is for radio S-T-E-R-E-OIt not to be banned or for some underground mix showMy hearts in my pen every time I beginSometimes my lyrics go crazy and I just can't control em my friendI try to edit what I'm rappin' aboutBut I can't write polite my anger just jumps out!!Perpetrators in the business claim their hard as hellTalkin' that gangster shit, know'n they're soft as jell-Oh! I better chill out before I ill outAnd my negative potential just might spill outAnd then this record won't be gettin playedI'll save that rap for another day-Rhyme pays-[Verse Four]The front stage area goes into hysteriaAs I start to rhyme and unleash my criteriaOf what is to come during the beat of the drumAnd Evil agitates the records with the use of his thumbUsing his intricate moves, the record stays in the grooveMy boy cuts like Jason, it's easy to proveThat Evil E is the great, his cuts are real not fakeNot emulated effects or a play back tapeSo suckers witness your fate while Evil demonstratesI'm bout to get off this mic, E., dog the break - Kick it![Verse Five]Like me if ya want'a, diss me if you're gonnaBut my jam will still be kickin' on your neighborhood cornerAs my bass is max'n out the V.U.S. on your boxThere'll be no doubt within your mind whether this MC do rockLike granite, I planned it, So you could understand itIf someone's talkin' when I'm rhymin'Then just say, "Damn shut up!"While Ice is breakin' the boy don't be fakin'Maybe they're just jealous of the dollars I'm makin'But you're down with me. You know god gifted meBlack kids say I'm trech, white kids say I'm niftySpell out my name ya go I-C-E TBut right now it's time for Evil E to hit me![Verse Six]Rhyme pays, buys my food every night and dayIt pays my rent my bills I guess I'm doin' okBut when I say rhyme pays, I mean in different waysCause rappin' gets a lot of kids out of the streets each dayIt makes me feel real nice when someone likes the IceOr some young MC asks me for adviceBut there will always be rappers who hate Ice TMaybe I dogged 'em in a battle or just jealousyInevitable situation, sucker rapper frustrationI rhyme too tough to bite, too intricate for notationSyllables jumble, competitors crumble as they witness mic attackAnd the microphone rumbles like hurricaneI maim, sometimes I go insaneStep toward my rap and I inflict the pain!No shame Ice capital T's my name!!Damn there I go illin' out again!!!!-Rhyme Pays-

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