Bangin' Testo

Testo Bangin'

West-syy-eedHuh, niggaz be like wonderin where tha Ice Cream Man been atI been down South countin my marbles niggaBut I got two sidesDamn it feels good to be back in the Yea Area, I mean the WestsideWith these motherfuckin West Coast Bad BoyzWestside Connection, Ice Cube, W.C., and Mack 10Nigga y'all know the Westside is Bout It Bout ItIt¹s the I-N-G-L-E here to trouble you, W double-oh DSee me, I take this gangbang shit to hold mouthesBeach coup, the hood patrol wit my flag in ya mommas styleI throw my set up, I ret up, Nigga I break upNo hollow points so I don't jam tha tec up, dogI put tha Cavi all day to parlay, when niggaz trip I sprayThen is anybody here all day, shit I trizit to my clizitWho wanna fuck wit it, since tha World is a ghettolooks like I'm stuck wit it, Killa Cali is the state murderEveryday it's a homie, lay my rag in a casket and retaliateNigga who is you, what side is you, red or blueI gets my drop on, I regulate the turf I stomp onEverytime I see some I grabs me gunRed rum red rum and Inglewood is where I be fromBoom boom bang on I bust back, fuck thatLoud strings in my chucks and a maroon velvet golf hatI let my holsters hang loose, no truce, no taminWestside niggaz for life, it's gangbanginChorus:Red rag blue rag, watchin niggaz sag44 mag, throwin up flagsIf you Bout it what you claimin, fuck what you slanginAin't no tamin Westside gangbanginWhat do I got get high for, what would I lie forAnd what would I die forWestside is the best side you got to knowKeep a calico by the bedside, this what I'm all aboutNow which one of y'all motherfuckers shot up my momma's house?It ain't no rules when you ain't gotnuttin to lose, and a gang of tattoosSo throw ya muthaphukkin, set high in the airIf you don't care, to ride a wheelchairWatch what hood you selectMany niggaz get checked for the tat on they neckWe got the cannabis bombay, G ride Hyundai, ya best ta pray we don'tFind out where ya stay, lookin at my momma thru a glass windowUp in L.A. before it was called South CentralMakin niggaz like new statistics while bumpin my Stylistics, andI'm locin, smokin dat yermon as a youngstaNow I'm big and strong as Herman MunsterIt's the set I threw up, tha only way ta goIt's the way i grew up, the only way I know, fa sho'It ain't about Crip or Blood, and it¹ll never dieBecause there's too much loveChorusHigh as a ki-zite tonite, rollin on my ci-ziteWith that Dub-S to that C-liteI¹m ready, but them niggaz on waitTey get beat like hussein by tis gangbang trackYoung hustler, geyda pusher, leg crusherNigga make way for this Neighborhood quicksterRaised in a system, gang affiliatedAmerica, take a look at what you createdStarted in a section, grew like an erection, spreaded like cancerNow tha country's infected, gangbangin world wide, beat the death poleI guess the world really is a motherfuckin ghettoBut Westside niggaz are the craziest, that's why I'm keepinMy fingas on deez, loaded clips, cause we done served two of them menAin't no tellin what them niggaz gone getIf they done try to retaliateI can't sleep, cause death is lookin foe meI can't shake tha jacket, too many niggaz know me, Shazzam!!I guess I'm in too deep, fuck cullas, I¹m riddin over low term beefChorus 2XGang bangin, huh, Cube nigga wassup, W.C., Mack 10, Master PGang bangin nigga, uhhhh, we rowdy, we Bout It Bout ItTold y'all niggaz the Westside the best sideWe gots sumpin foe all you hatas nigga regulateBringin the whole motherfuckin west side, red blue togetherMakin green nigga, makin greenChorusNigga it's all right ta be a G, Westside ConnectionLive for red and blue, my nigga Masta PBut ain't no more God for us niggaBut we can live for that greenThe legal way baby, the legal wayThis song is dedicated, to everybody who fallen victim to gangbanginWorld wide Westside, real niggaz of tha world unite

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