Don't Trust Em Testo

Testo Don't Trust Em

You can't trust a big butt and a smileNo, that's the old styleIn ninety-deuce, shit ain't quite the sameBitches gotta brand new game, yoIt's kinda hard to seeBut the dating game ain't what it used to beBack in the day, if a ho wanted ya doughShe give you a piece of ass and there we goGo and get knocked up and then get socked upYou be broke and locked upBut the news done hitBitches all over on some new improved shitTo y'all macksCome to find out that bitches are pullin jacksI remember every night all you had to worry aboutWas gettin caught at a red lightAnd the nigga gettin ya five, day to daysNow shit done changedCos you gots to watch the ones in the skirtAnd it ain't about gettin burntI know it sounds strange, but could youStop thinkin with ya dick for a changeCos you'll get a bullet in your brain, Mr RichAnd about that bitch, don't trust emChorus(Ice Cube comin at'cha with a crazy bitch)Don't trust no (Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!)(Ice Cbue comin at'cha with a crazy bitch)You can't trust no (Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!)*Repeat*Here's how the bitches jack:They try to catch a dumb nigga in the actYou came to the club, stepped to the barAnd pulled out a wad of DovesAfter you got buzzed, she walk byYou saw how big her ass wasGot her on the dancefloorAnd she started dancin like a hoJimmy got stiff, she ain't have a ride homeSo you gave the bitch a liftShe didn't wanna trouble youBut hopped her big ass in your BMWHopped to her house and started kissinAnd Jimmy just wouldn't listenCos you got real hornyAnd that ain't cool at four in the morningStarted undressing the hoGot to the drawers and the ho said "No!"Not on the first date"It's gettin kinda late, could you come back at eight?"You said "Yeah!" cos you thought you met a wholesome hoBut nigga, she know you rollin in some doughAnd you'll regret and somethin 'bout a bitch you just metDon't trust em!Interlude:(scratching of BBD's 'Poison' and PE's 'Don't Believe The Hype')Eight o'clock on the dot, nigga's hotDick hard as a rockStraight on a solo creepCan't wait till her little boy go to sleepSo you can seduce the GBust a nut and make an excuse to leaveYou got her worked out cos you the manBut the bitch got diff'rent plansShe said "Take off your clothes, jump in the bed"While she powder her noseYou get butt naked, cos you ready to wreck it!Cos you's a motherfuckin punk, next thing you knowThe door flies open with a blastWith four niggas in ski masksPointin a gun at the pimpYou're scared as a motherfucker and Jimmy done went limpThey beat you down just a tasteTake ya to your house and make ya open up the safeDrove you far, tied up in the trunk of your own fuckin carTake you out and pop the capI told you the bitch was a trapDon't trust em!Chorus

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