Heaven Testo

Testo Heaven

Verse One:Listen to the preachermanBut are you talkin' to meI can't hear you with a mouth full of pig's feetIf I should need the swine fleshYour body is a mess, but you're blessedWith a father, son, spirit and the holy ghostBut my whole neigborhood is comatoseLookin' for survivalThe devil made you a slave and he gave you a bible400 years gettin' our ass kickedBy so-called christians and catholicsBut I watch 'em burn in a fireSee I'm a g, that's why I ain't in your choirCause I see, cause I knowThe church ain't nothin' but a fashion showGet the devil to a 187And they won't call me a nigga when I get to heavenVerse Two:You're waitin' for the devil to come from the groundClown, take a look aroundJust look at the cross that the priest is holdin'A beast in sheep's clothingBut I'm rollin' with that knowledge of selfCause heaven ain't just wealthSo mister preacher, if I couldn't pay my titheDo I have to wait outside?White man, please take another lookCause we couldn't be readin' out of the same bookCause youse a crook and I'm a brotherKing James had sex with his motherIs that your edition? Is that your religion?Black man, you gotta make a desicionCause God is comin' on day number sevenAnd he won't call me a nigga when I get to heavenVerse Three:The same white man that threw me in the slammerHe bombed the church in AlabamaSo if I cock the hammer, God won't mindIf I have to kill the human swineCause God is a killer from the startWhy you think Noah had to build his arkAnd God is a man from his feet to his hairThat's why you say 'amen' after each and every prayerI just stare at the church manSpendin' more money on the church bandBut Elijah' sgot a planGot the white man screamin': 'Damn that Farrakhan!'Cause one day these babies are upriseMuch more than bowties and bean piesKickin' knowledge at 7-11And they won't call me a nigga when I get to heaven

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