The Birth Testo

Testo The Birth

[Operator:] Dr. Brains, telephone. Pagin' Dr. Brains, telephone, please! [footsteps]
[Mother:] [screaming] [crying]
[Nurse:] C'mon! C'mon, lady... push it once more!
[Doctor:] I see the head...
[Mother:] [screaming] [crying]
[Doctor:] Push! Push!
[Nurse:] C'mon!
[Doctor:] C'mon... push!
[Nurse:] C'mon, honey!
[Doctor:] PUSH!
[Newborn:] [crying]
[Doctor:] It's a boy. [beat starts]

[Dr. Khalid Muhammad:]
The black man and black woman have no FURTHER!
No beginnig and no ending... BEFOOOORE Alpha...
And AFTER... Omega!
History and historians'll record...
The black father and mother of morality... medicine... music, and mathematics
The father and mother of all the nation of religion, philosophy... art... science and civilization!
All they can say about the black man...
Is he WAS, he's HEARS... and he SHALL BE!
Before HIM there were none
And after HIM... there will be NO MORE!
Before we can make a way for the peace maker...
We must KILL... and get rid... of the peace breaker.
[beat fades-out]
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