Anything Can Happen Testo

Testo Anything Can Happen

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Watch ya now it?s a destiny thing We?re talk about right now Everything just in the hands of the almighty Protect your neck and project your back Anything can happen anything could be Anything can happen in your destiny Anything can happen in your destiny Partytime the nightime come get in the mood Because you gonna have fun Get in the club and feel the bass a the drum Pum pum plentiful Lord the gyal cya done One a dem a come tell her sidong Kiss off the mouth an she pull out the tongue Take her a the yark make di baggy come down You never put silencer on your gun Oh Lord hear mi iya Coupla days pass by piss bun like fire Dial one number go check the doctor I?m sorry old boy you got goneria Tekka tekka chance but you never over Stand dat figa is a killer Catch disease turn ina madda Mi seh anything can happen word from di farda Ow many people sing ina dem song Ow many people put jimmy pan john An many people don?t know right from wrong Too many man think dem body too strong Ninety six a di year a condom Protect yourself ?gainst infection Big up the dreadatour don gorgon Anyting can happen rappa pam pam pam Watch ya now it?s a destiny thing We?re a talk about right about now everything Just in the hands of the almighty Protect your back and watch yer neck

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