New Style 2000 Testo

Testo New Style 2000

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Get ready for the new style new style Get ready for year 2000 Get ready for the new style new style Get ready time is running out yeah Get ready for the new style new style Get ready for year 2000 The moment that we?re looking lorward too Some people may say it?s brutal Some people may say it as wonderful I guess that it?s up to me and you Move I to the C to the move la la la... Some of them a money maker Some of them a look like shaper Some of them a live life by day An some a dem a tink ?bout later Too many many many gun Too many many man dem mash up Paré paré paré paré parechio man dem corrupt Weh dem ago do when dem kya Find peace and love quick enough Year two thousand come And me hafi tell dem tuff luck Better unu get it together before The time it run out Better unu digest this thing Weh a come out me mouth Cat couldn't bark and fish couldn't talk And don?t put it pass that telly couldn't walk Cause things dem a gwarn weh mi no understand So I man grab the paper for put de pen on This is a new style style an pattern Developin fast like car a Japan Technlogy a take over de set Click the computer check Internet A weh you a go I man no done yet Come check out the vibe come check di concept Cause this a new style from de future it come So run come get some nuff flavour cya done Come in come in an put up your han Come in come in an move your bottom Me hear other day dem mek de sea Bwyle datta weh me Mean when me seh new style

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