A Lifetime In A Week Testo

Testo A Lifetime In A Week

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Well the streets can't get much darker
As I step into my car
driving east
I'm trying to calm myself until I know where you are
Cause my mind makes up excuses
or you say that's what I do
because it's taken me too long to know
It's time I need with you

And this is the last time
I look before I leap
I confess, I'm a mess when you leave
why'd you leave?

And these days pass
but I still haven't slept at all
And I'm terrified to call
You can't forget me.
We promised not to change but then we grew up
but not too fast.
We lived a lifetime in a week before you left
but I'm still stuck here
and all I have left
are those nights in your bed
with my hand slipping further up your dress
then you stopped me
but it's cute because you do it so smooth

And I seem to recall several nights spent
In the back of your car
you said, 'I want you to know
my body's burning for yours'
or those days spent drinking
with nothing to do
except get lost in the moment
as I slowly undress you.

And I'll pretend that you're here
and you're not gone.
It's not the end if you were here
and you're not gone
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