Acceptance In The Waves Testo

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Testo Acceptance In The Waves

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Well I think you took your chances
You gotta take the consequences
And you'll never know
I'm holding on
Let go

Cause I'm not so sure
You look so good
And I've seen this all before
And this could be real
Even if it is

It's not enough, it's not enough
And it's never gonna be
Between the lies and love I'll rise above
And I'll find away to leave
Now it's inside of us inside of us
It's the price of being free
And it's the price I was willing to pay
If that's all it takes

And if it won't make any difference
I'm gonna make my peace with silence
And if it takes a toll
It takes it's toll
You'll never know

That I'm not so sure
You can't stand still
And I've have seen this all before
If this is real
I can't take it even if it is

Because it's not enough
A thousand words can't paint you a picture of what you deserve

Cause this is something I can't live for
And this is one thing I can say
That I know the way down
Is the way out for me

We'll find a way
To throw away what we had today
I'd kill myself just to find a way
Cause I know the way down
Is the way out for me
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