Build A Bridge And Jump Off It Testo

Testo Build A Bridge And Jump Off It

Lonely and restless on the coldest of nights
With these thoughts on my mind that keep pulling me down.
Im only fooling everyone else
So that everyone else turns their back on me.

Cant let go of these feelings that Im keeping inside
Or hold on, cause Im feeling like Im barely alive.
Lay back, as this pain takes over me.
Broke down cause my head was spinning out of control
Nineteen years, and Ive got nothing to show
Were only getting older now.

This pain seems forgotten
But inside Im rotting
Thinking of all this time
Left to waste then die
The only thing I know for sure
Is I dont care anymore

And when Im gone
I hope you have the strength to move on
Angry, but Im told to not complain
Recluse, but Im better off this way
This is not what I want, but Ill just bite my tongue
Im hungry, but Im too tired to eat
Tired, but Im too hungry to sleep
Were only getting older now

And it hurts.
Save me cause Im drowning,
Please give me more time
Cause I cant keep on counting
It feels like Im blinded now
As they shut me out
But Im trying to see
Please make this stop

My pain seems forgotten
But inside Im rotting
Thinking of all this time.
I wait to die
But Im not going to know what Im doing hear
So why cant you give me a sign
And as I drown now
Swimming in an ocean of fear
My last regret is
Never knowing why Im here.

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