The Greatest Story Ever Told Testo

Testo The Greatest Story Ever Told

How could this happen
Am I dreaming again
Her body's not moving I'm assuming she's dead
This isn't a fucking game
There's somebody's life at stake
She's covered in bruises
But the truth is that I never committed the crime
Cause I could never hurt a fly
Then how'd she lose her life?
You're In denial
What you've implied has BURNED and stripped
The whites of my eyes
Then what went on that night
“Listen closely as I tell you I'm not who I seem
I'm gonna touch you cause I like it when you scream
I want to watch you when you're sleeping and thinking of me”
And that's what he told her when he killed her
That son of a bitch took away my girl
He's gonna pay for it right now.

Cause you might think you're in love
And he might promise you the world
But don't believe what he says
He's not real
It's murder and this is it

Prepare for the day I find you
This is your last chance
Cause I'll be out in six months with his address and a shotgun
And a promise for justice that night
I'll be standing at the crime
So they can throw me back in prison for my life
If it would bring you back to me
Last night I dreamed we had a future and you were alive
It was springtime on our wedding day
There were birds in the sky
The sun was glowing it was beautiful and everyone was there
I still can't believe that your gone I'm so lost
I'm sorry don't go
Oh please God no

I think that I've had enough but
He says, “Your too late
I've got a hole to dig
And you think that I've over-reacted
She was so cute?I couldn't resist cause I'm a sucker for promiscuous action.

Cause you might think you're in love
And he might promise you the world
But don't believe what he says
He's not real he's a murderer
Cause I've been lying awake
Scared from this nightmare and I feel betrayed
Cause I'd give her my life
But you'd take it away

Am I Dead
Or am I Still Breathing
Cause you've stolen the love of my life
So you'll be sleeping with the fishes tonight
Now listen
I'm not religious but I've learned to pray for her
I'm not a violent man but people can change
So when you're sleeping
I'll slit your throat and drain your blood
And mail it to your mother
So she'll discover what a mess you become
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