Only A Memory Testo

Testo Only A Memory

I can't help
But close my eyes for life
And dream a different ending

And when I wake
I won't be so exhausted
And I'll start with my pretending

That I'm fine
I'm fine if I can fool myself tonight
And my life will drown out all of yours

I will not bend until I break
How much can a woman's body take
Just not enough to silence me
You're only a memory

I'll scream these words til they come true
Then I will think no more of you
Look back on what I'm going through
This isn't my identity

You will bleed
For what your hands have done
You can't outrun your ending

And I'll get well
Long before you let yourself
I may forgive you but you never will

And I tell you, I tell you
You have no right
How damaged you must be

Watch you panic, it's tragic
You carry this for life
You have my sympathy

You're only a memory
This isn't my identity
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