Minuet Testo

Testo Minuet

If we move in together
Will I still be a slob?
Will things get ordinary?
Will I piss you off?
'Cause I don't cook
I throw my clothes on the floor
And I mix the darks and whites
Oh baby, your kisses are pure
And the sex lasts for hours
You want me more the less I shower
I'm a sight for sore eyes
In your old tighty-whities
But you love me anyway
You love me anyway
I thank god for seeing the light
And not going out with some lawyertype
'Cause you're a poet
A renaissance man
A little boy with really strong hands

Chorus: So many things going through my mind
Sometimes it gets scary
But when you're by my side
The world may be chaotic
And the skies may explode
But we'll be okay, baby--This much I know
And the minuet between the heart and the breath
Is my lullaby
And the minuet between the heart and the breath
Is gonna rock me every time
And the minuet between the heart and the breath
Will save my life
As I lay upon your chest, baby I'm satisfied

I'd like to have babies with you
Like to have maybe two
Join a carpool and sing the kids to bed
They can have your coloring and
My movie rental addiction
They can be antisocial just like us and
They can choose their very own religion
They can climb into bed in the
Middle of the night and
Sleep in your arms, as if hypnotized


Alright--Everything's gonna be alright

So if all the things we want
Are just out of reach
We move to the midwest
And you start to teach
I'm a woulda, coulda, shoulda
A one hit wonder
I'm pretty sure we'll be okay
'Cause if the skin on your chest
Still feels that way
From the sandalwood oil
That you dab in the middle
I think just maybe, maybe baby...
We'd miss it - a little
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