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Angels On Speed-Dial Testo Idy

Angels On Speed-Dial Testo

Testo Angels On Speed-Dial

Tiziano Ferro: "Lo Stadio" è il nuovo singolo
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I like the way that my shirt smells when it's been in your embrace. And I dig the way that my hand feels when yours keeps it company. Under these overcast skies, looking pretty as a picture that I'll tape inside my notebook, I just wish I had answers.

Answers to this pandemic we suffer known as distance, and I'm throwing coins in the river in a fit of formal wishing. Am I just wasting my money missing something so lovely? No. Damn, say it twice, I'll hold you hand when our eyes meet again.

Because I love, I love your smile and I like, I like your style, and it's unfortunate dear that I can only stay a short while

Scarica la suoneria di Angels On Speed-Dial!
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