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Testo Beautiful Girl

Inserito il 07 Maggio 2009
Lee Ryan arrestato per droga e guida in stato di ebbrezza
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Fling, yourself into a place,
that brings down your heart.
Give the people what they want.
You, know that's something wrong,
with everything,
that you've become.

I know it's hard to see past the spoiled culture.
But you light up the room.
You're a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful girl
And I know you don't hear it enough,
so this one's for you.
You're a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful girl.

I, love the way you move,
and the way you look,
it's true.
But girl,
that's not what it's all about.
Cause I love,
to see the real you.

Please girl, wake up.
Please find out what its all about.
Give up this mask,
seeped in disgust.
Stop killing yourself for all of us.
Find an escape.
Find yourself a shelter in space.
Where you can be seen,
for what you are.
Girl, you gotta stop breaking your heart

Scarica la suoneria di Beautiful Girl!
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