Who Sold Out Now? Testo

Testo Who Sold Out Now?

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Check one, two
The plow that broke the plains
We as humans destroy everything,
well, there's limits to the land
Left the resistance and the monkey wrenchin' cause money rules again
Life is easier when your bills are paid,
you finished studies,
Masters degree
Now consulting development companies,
who sold out now?
Who sold out now?

Sixteen years old and live at home
In front your friends calling out at shows,
you left the scene cause your new girlfriend told you so,
freaked out on X at some rave or techno,
money rules again
Distro circus at every show,
I came to support these tourin' bands and nothing's free,
pay my ticket at the door,
who sold out now?
Who sold out now?

Constant complaining makes my ears ring
I care about hardcore but I hate the scene

The plow that broke the plains
We as humans abuse every way,
there's limits to me, friend
What happened to the brotherhood we shared,
well, money rules again
I'll give you anything if you just ask,
hung yourself from your own rope
I count my loss and just walk away,
who sold out now?
Who sold out now? [3x]
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