The Quest For The Ultimate Tuh Testo

Testo The Quest For The Ultimate Tuh

Checked our wallets, socks, and shoes
and looked for the answer
scoured the desert and sailed the oceans

we checked a sietch
we asked a priest
the dali llama told us to seek
into our hearts
but nothing's there

and in no time we steal a rocket
ans steer to luna
on an ancient evening
riding the sun down
heading to the sky

with newborn eyes
and weightless brains
we looked through the porthole
scored the ages and sailed the lightwaves

the mustard seed is greater than me
but infinite nothing teaches to seek
the colors we cannot perceive

they say revelation is an extra demon
ripe and awaken from an ancient evening
riding the sun down
in a picture of a sound

And at the dawn of the ages of eyes we stood!

Oh well
never underestimate the power of doubt
oh well
never sure what questions to ask and when
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