I Put The Fun In Funeral Testo

Testo I Put The Fun In Funeral

You better guard yourself
Hold back your tongue
Your words are useless
Like the person you've become
The river that runs between us is blood
History will repeat its sins
Good men drown
Where a fool dives in

So will you toss and turn?
Or will you sleep tonight?
Just hold your breath
And pray that you survive
(Just pray that you survive)
Bury this inside

How can you say that
This is all water underneath bridge
You thought you had the right to call me friend?

I hope the sea swallows you whole
Breaks your city
And breaks your bones
And I'll wear my contempt as a fashion sense
Until I can weather this alone

You think that this
This isn't done
'Cause I'm still here
And you haven't won
Yes I'm still here
So come and get me
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