Gotham City Testo

Testo Gotham City

I will never
let this happen, again
the begining, of the end
the city clocks tick us towards the end
wealth neglecting 'poor?' something must be done
-something must be done
awaken these demented souls

for all they can hear is the sound of angels singing?
singing them to sleep, singing them to death
the people suffering, their walls growing mould

how can all this be real?
why cant this be a dream?
-a dream
how can this all be normal?
how can this all be true?
why cant this be
-just a dream

the streets they suffer
the nocturnal bees,
that quench the nectar blood
i cant, i wont give in
-we cant loose this fight
i cant, i wont give up
-we cant loose this fight
we need a change
revolution go!

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