True Love Is Hard To Find Testo

Testo True Love Is Hard To Find

From that one night, there's no turning back
a silhouetted angel so warm to
-so warm to touch
embracement withheld, we spoke of love
-we spoke of love
how cold the wind blows, in her presence i lay
-in her presence i lay numb
shooting stars shared wishes for my desire was hers

one day i wan't to wake to see the sunrise in your eyes
-your eyes
where clouds wash away, and nothing dies
tried hours beckoned a sleepless sleep

and now forever i remember us alone together,
where we would talk and we would walk into our on dreams

on these cold nights will you remember me?
with one farwell, a vow was made
on these cold nights please remember me
remember me, please remember me
on these cold nights will u remember me?
remeber me, will you remember me?

one day from forever, forever from one day
from, one, day...
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